• Learn bidding process carefully, read How It Works, FAQs, Terms and Legal sections to understand entire process better
  • If you are new to online auctions, observe live auctions for some days and understand how other people are bidding and winning
  • Start participating in lower value products which requires less credits to place bids
  • Observe other bidder's bidding patern and plan your bidding strategy based on current senerio
  • Ensure to keep high-speed internet connection, reverse auctions are time biting process
  • Bid only when you are fully relaxed and not in stress
  • Set your budget and targetted price, follow it carefully
  • Most of bidders place bids in last 2-3 seconds, but this strategy not works well in most auctions
  • Keep bidding continuously to eliminate your competitors
  • Keep your mobile silent and remain relaxed, ensure no one disturbs you when you are bidding
  • Use BUY NOW option if you have already wasted many credits and still you are not a winner
  • Keep enough credits balance before auction goes live
  • Start bidding only when last 15-20 seconds left in timer, bidding before few hours does not make a sense.
  • Wait and watch if too many competitors are bidding, start bidding when competition level decreses
  • Use AutoBid feature if your internet connection is slow, also look for other bidder's AutoBid pattern.

95% of the penny auction participants wait until last seconds to place their bids. This gives them the impression they have more chances of winning but in reality this is not the case. It doesn’t matter when you place your bid, you win only if you don’t get outbidded. So here is the trick: you must bid very aggressive in order to manipulate how the other bidders think. Basically you want them to think you have a lot of bids on your hands and that you are a penny auctions hardcore player. Remember that scene in the movies where 2 fast cars drive towards each other on a collision course, have to make the other participant(s) swerve. So here it how it goes, when you get outbided you place your bid as fast as you can, “this is my item” kinda attitude.