Park Avenue Men's Grooming Kit - (Set of 7)

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Product Overview

Park Avenue Men's Grooming Kit - (Set of 7)

Key Features of Park Avenue Men's Grooming Kit

  • Good Morning After Shave Lotion: Citrus, Woody and Amber Notes
  • Apache Triple Blade Reusable Razor: Adjust to Contour of Face
  • Shaving Cream: Contains Allantoin to Heal Razor Burn
  • Shaving Brush: Super-soft Nylon Bristles and Tipping Technology
  • Park Avenue Horizon Deodorant: Airy, Oceanic and Profound Fragrance
  • Apache Triple Blade Reusable Razor: Vitamin E and Aloe Lubricating Strip Reduces Irritation
  • Deo Talc: Triclosan keeps Bacteria Away
  • Soap: Rich Skin Conditioner and Shea Butter

Park Avenue Men's Grooming Kit (Set of 7)

A well-groomed man is always ready to make a right impression on any occasion. Be it for his perfectly trimmed French beard or his clean shaven look, something that helps him get those second glances is this Men's Grooming Kit from Park Avenue. 

Good Morning After Shave Lotion

This kit includes a Good Morning After Shave Lotion that protects your skin from irritation after every shave, leaving it soft and supple. A blend of citrus, woody and amber notes, this lotion enwraps your skin with a refreshing fragrance. 

Apache Triple Blade Reusable Razor

Ergonomically designed, Apache Triple Blade Reusable Razor adjusts to the contour of your face and gives you a smooth, close shave with only a few strokes. 

Shaving Cream

Enjoy a smooth and clean shave with the help of this shaving cream. Enriched with allantoin, this shaving cream heals razor burns. 

Shaving Brush

Designed with super-soft nylon bristles and tipping technology, this shaving brush spreads the lather of the shaving cream evenly for professional-like shave. 

Park Avenue Horizon Deodorant

Define your masculinity with the energizing and refreshing fragrance of this Park Avenue Horizon Deodorant which is enriched with airy, oceanic and profound notes. 

Deo Talc

Deo Talc keeps you fresh and dry while protecting your skin from bacteria. 


Enriched with the goodness of Shea butter, this soap cleanses, conditions and nourishes your skin.