Samsung Gear VR

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Product Overview

Samsung Gear VR

SPEC DATA: Samsung Gear VR

Connections: USB 3.0

Controls: Handheld controller; touchpad on headset

Field of View (Degrees): 101

Headset Type: Mobile

Refresh Rate (Hz): Native to phone

Resolution: Native to phone


3-axis in handheld controller and headset

Supported Smartphones:

Note 5

S7 family

S8 family

Samsung Galaxy S6 family

Product Description

Experience the 'next level' of mobile entertainment with the Gear VR. Jump into the world of Virtual Reality gaming and entertainment with this gadget from Samsung that will transform how you enjoy content on your Galaxy Smartphone. Simply fix in your compatible Galaxy smartphone, strap on the Gear VR, and you are ready.


VR is completely immersive. The large display, combined with the 96-degree wide field of view and ultra high resolution produce a hyper real 3D experience. VR is your ultimate entertainment device that allows you to watch 3D movies in your personal cinema, or take 360 virtual reality tours of places real and imaginary. Enjoy latest music videos and get updated content on demand. Exclusive apps from the Oculus store expand your VR’s capabilities.


The Gear VR comes with a wide 96-degree field of view. The wide field view ensures precise head-tracking so you get the most immersive experience possible.


This headset is lightweight and compact so you can wear it comfortably for hours together. Thanks to a large touchpad, the Gear VR is easy to control.


The Gear VR is compatible with all the entire 2015 Flagship line up of smartphones from Samsung. That includes S6, S6 Edge, Edge+ & Note 5.


Play over 150+ games and apps on the Samsung Gear VR. These games can be downloaded from the Oculus Store which has a vast selection of 2D and 3D videos, games, and 360-degree videos. This device is great for watching movies, thanks to options such as Cinema, Multi-Screen and Home Theatre that virtually scale up the experience of regular videos to the level of a movie hall. Experience 360-degree virtual tours of some of the most exciting places on earth. With special VR apps and Internet Browse, you can browse the internet. The VR Gallery app makes the phone gallery, containing the user’s photos & videos, available for viewing in the larger than life VR. Put on the Gear VR, pick from a vast selection of content and you're are sorted for the weekend.


Games, covering a wide variety of popular titles, across genres like shooter, racing, advanture, strategy, room escape to name a few, can be experienced in a completely new way by taking you virtually inside the game environment and putting you in control of things! You can also pair the Gear VR with a game pad to optimize the gaming experience for games with complicated controls.

Battery & Sensors

The Gear VR works by connecting to the compatible Galaxy Smartphone through a micro USB port. It has the option of powering itself through an independent micro USB port so the phone's battery is unaffected. It has gyro, accelerometer and proximity sensors.