Flipkart SmartBuy 18 Piece Refrigerator Storage Containers

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Product Overview

Flipkart SmartBuy 18 Piece Refrigerator Storage Containers

Flipkart SmartBuy containers, made from advanced injection molding, are durable and quality products which don’t compromise on design and style. These container sets have been made keeping the most common storage sizes in mind. There are different sets of containers for diverse usage as per your needs. These food-grade containers are BPA-free, so you can go ahead and store your food in them without any worry. These containers can also be used to store food in a freezer. They can be used to heat food in a microwave as well.

Product Description


Bisphenol A has been associated with health risks. These containers ensure safety from any known, related risks. Flipkart SmartBuy containers are made from high-quality, 100% virgin plastic to ensure that they are free from any hazardous and toxic materials. So, they don’t release any harmful chemicals to the food stored in them.


Flipkart SmartBuy containers are made from materials that are microwave-safe. So you can confidently place them in a microwave to reheat your food knowing full well that they’ll be fine.


Flipkart SmartBuy containers are made such that they can be safely cleaned in a dishwasher. Simply load them into a dishwasher to make them spick and span quickly.


Flipkart SmartBuy containers are meant to be used in varied conditions, so you can not only use them to store items at room temperature on a shelf but also to store items safely in a freezer. The containers will be fine at temperatures as low as -5 degree C, so you can use them to ensure that your edibles stay fresh and delicious for longer.


Flipkart SmartBuy containers are made using 100% virgin plastic to ensure that no ill substances are released which might affect the food. The containers are safe and can be used to store items like sugar, salt, coffee powder, sliced fruits, chopped vegetables, spices, biscuits, grains, pulses, and food items with gravy too.

Smart Design

Flipkart SmartBuy containers have been made keeping the customer’s needs in mind. They are transparent so users don’t have to guess or waste time opening and finding out what is stored inside. The containers are made using an advanced injection molding which gives them a premium and smooth finish. This process also eliminates rough and sharp edges to give you an easy and safe to use product.

Nestable Design

These containers have been designed to occupy very little space. When empty, you can nest all the containers together, thereby keeping your kitchen neat, organized and spacious. They also have grooves on their lids so that when you’re storing them, they can be stacked together. The lids also have an additional groove which supports the finger so that opening the containers is a breeze.

High-quality Virgin Plastic

Flipkart SmartBuy containers have been manufactured using 100% virgin plastic. The high-quality plastic ensures that the containers are free of odour so that you can start using them from the get-go. The raw materials used also prevent discoloration of the containers.

Durable Product

Flipkart SmartBuy containers are durable and long-lasting. They can survive day-to-day usage and normal wear and tear for a long time. The containers have been drop tested from a height of up to 3 feet to ensure that they are strong and resilient.


  • Sales Package

    • 18 N (3300 ml Container - 1 N, 850 ml Container - 2 N, 480 ml Container - 4 N, 280 ml Container - 4 N, 100 ml Container - 7 N)
  • Model Name

    • AR18NPP
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